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Max is a big lovable lug! He is a homebody at heart, but loves his daily walk. Max is cuddly and loves good neck scratch. He enjoys playing with his 2 bossy foster fur-sisters and sometimes seeks refuge with his foster fur-brother. Max is sweet and easy going, even when his fur-sister is being a brat and steals his toys.

We think Max spent his early life living in a backyard or possibly a garage, but he is enjoying the pleasures of indoor living now. Max is house-broken and rides well in the car. While Max is also crate trained and even eats his meals in his crate, he has full run of the house day and night. Max is an expert at taking naps and has a fondness for helping with fresh laundry!

On walks Max is easily distracted by cats, birds, squirrels, other dogs and even people, and he does pull on the leash. We currently walk all of our dogs at once and when the other dogs react Max follows suit. On his own he does better but is till easily distracted. Max needs some one-on-one time for leash training but we just don’t have the time to work with him right now.

Max’s ideal fur-ever home would be with someone who has large bully breed experience, with not kids, and he would enjoy living with another dog who will show him the ropes. Max needs more training and a person with strong leadership skills. Ideally, you will be eager to continue Max’s training – he is happiest when he has rules and structure.