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Megan is a sweet soul that just wants to stick by her foster mom’s side and please her. She lives with 2 older cats, and a deteriorating older boxer who doesn’t like other pets. Megan manages this dog by avoiding him when he lets her know he’s in a bad mood, but will occasionally snuggle up to him when sleeping. She leaves the cats’ food bowls alone, but is interested in the litter box, which is blocked from her.

Megan is still very young and is extremely smart. She quickly learns what she is taught. Megan has learned to sit, sit up, shake, down, and sit/stay while her food bowl is on the floor in front of her. She walks well on the leash, but has a lot of curiosity.

Megan gets about an hour of medium-paced walking on leash daily. Once back from the walk she is calm and happy to settle wherever she can keep an eye on her mom. Megan will need to continue an active routine.  Typically, she’s a quiet girl, only barking when she’s trying to get one of the other pets to play or engages with one of the neighbor dogs.

Megan would best fit in a home where she is not left alone all day. She loves her people, taking walks, playing with her stuffed animals, and engaging with the other pets.