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Mia is a typical boxer: she is sweet and loving and a bit excitable at times. She loves to swim but hates to go out in the rain (which made for a very long winter this year!). Mia loves people! And she is good with children, however they should be over 12 years of age and dog-savvy.

Mia needs a moderate amount of exercise daily, such as a brisk walk, a game of fetch, or a light jog. She gets along well with our 6 other dogs, but can be selective about her canine pals, so slow and careful introductions to new fur buddies are a must. Mia also likes to chase our cats and the birds in the yard, so a home without felines would be best for her.

Mia has been recovering from a fungal infection (in her leg bone) and was receiving medical treatment. She is now stable from the fungal infection but will probably require lifelong anti-fungal medication. Otherwise, she is doing well, and is running & playing as a normal boxer. All medical information will be disclosed to anyone who is interested in this fantastic dog.