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My name is Mikey but my foster mom calls me her Little Ladies’ Man because I sure do looooove the ladies! I have played with several dogs, including other Boxers, Boston Terriers and I am currently hanging out with 2 bully breed girls. I enjoy playing with my fellow canine partners and would do well with medium to larger sized dogs (no small dogs, please). One of my foster sissies is old and cranky, and although I really want to play with her, I respect her personal space. If you don’t have a dog friend for me, I would love to go to the dog park, or the beach to feel the sand between my toes, or to go running or all of the above!

I’m potty trained, crate trained, and an absolute love bug who wants nothing more than to be with my people. I know how to “sit” and my “stay” is pretty good too. I know what “leave it” and “off” mean because I’m not allowed on the furniture and because I’m tall, I have no problems smelling all the yummy stuff on the kitchen counters. I would really like to join a pack with a strong alpha (human) so I can continue having structure, and learning new things. I’m very good at following the rules because it makes me a better pack member. I am learning to stay before I eat and before I leave or enter the house and I’m getting pretty good at it.

I think I should be a model, because I have really long legs and beautiful big silky ears (check out my pics and yes, I am available for modeling gigs!). I’m not sure how I feel about cats but I love kids and would love to have at least one furless sibling, but if not, no problemo! I’m a typical boxer who needs to get his ya-yas out, and then I’m cool, calm, and collected. I have lots of fun with my foster dad, and got to spend some time with other men, but with some people, I need a few minutes to get comfortable. If you want a gentle, goofy, fun loving love bug, then I’m your guy!



Mikey loves to play! And Bailey (pink color) is very patient with him:

Mikey (on the left) is learning leash skills: