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Molly is a very sweet, attractive, calm boxer. She has great manners and is very polite. Molly isn’t interested in playing with toys; she’d rather spend time with her human(s). She follows me around the house and when I’m sitting down she really leans into me wanting to be right next to me – she wants to be a lap dog! Molly is house-broken and crate-trained.

When meeting new people, Molly can be timid, appearing to be afraid that she might get in trouble. As long as you are patient with her and don’t rush introductions, it doesn’t take long for her to warm up to adults. Molly did really well with the children she’s met (4 and 8 years old). She doesn’t cower when she meets children, especially if they are at her height. She calmly stands there and lets them pet her.

Molly really comes out of her shell when she gets to play with other dogs. One of her first meetings on leash was with two labs; she was very polite and got along well with both of them. Once allowed off leash to play, she was the most energetic she had been to date. Molly was very playful with the labs and had a blast being chased! She has met other dogs on leash and is always calm and friendly. One dog growled at her and she just walked away without reacting. Molly hasn’t met any cats while in my care, so I can’t say for sure how she would be around them.

Molly would be a great first dog for someone because she is pretty easy, but she will need someone with patience who can help build up her confidence.