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Meet Moxie, a really stunning and active young boxer! She loves to play and is one of the fastest runners I’ve seen in a while. Moxie is house trained (but is used to having outdoor access to go potty), and crate trained. She does well for short periods on her own, but due to her energy levels, she needs lots of time dedicated to her every day. Moxie has had very little training to date, but she’s super smart and loves to learn.

Moxie hasn’t had much socialization with other dogs and gets overly excited (plus has poor doggie manners), so she needs a very slow introduction to all dogs and needs ongoing management around dogs. Any dogs in the home need to be at least 50lbs and tolerant, as well as confident enough to give guidance to Moxie when needed. Moxie cannot be left unsupervised around other dogs currently so her future home needs to be comfortable separating her from other dogs when needed to ensure everyone is kept calm and happy. No cats for Moxie and any children in the home should be 14 or older.

Beyond ongoing obedience training, Moxie would love to be trained on either puppy agility (as she’s not fully grown for adult agility), or some other high drive games (scenting or other games) to focus her mind & energy. She is a potential future champion in the making and we would be thrilled to find her a home who will take advantage of her natural skills! Moxie would also be best suited to a home with a large yard, as she needs to run several times a day in a safe, fenced-in location.

Moxie will be an incredible dog for the right home!