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Olive (aka OllieOllie) is a super sweet senior lady. She loves brisk walks, playing with squeaky toys, riding in cars, eating treats and meals, and finding the absolute softest spot in the room and curling up on it. She loves to snuggle and gives great hugs. She gets along great with our deaf senior male resident pup.

Olive is house-trained. She does not, however, care much for a crate. Olive can sleep through the night without going outside. Olive knows several commands–sit, stay, shake, and drop-it. She probably knows more, but we’re working on translation.

Olive loves to chase thrown squeaky toys, but she can also entertain herself. She is satisfied with a 20-45 minute walk per day but can jog and walk significantly longer. She is pretty good on leash but can get distracted, walk ahead, and lightly pull–although she is easily corrected. She is fast and can jump when she is playing or gets zoomies, so it’s easy to forget that she’s a senior.

She’s only met a few skin-kids (maybe 7-8 years old) but did well. She hasn’t met any cats. Olive will chase birds, especially geese and turkeys. Oh, the turkeys…she’ll look out the window for them for hours to protect us from those jive gobblers.

OllieOllie is a super cute and playful kid. She very much wants to be in the same room as her people. Check back for updates.