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Patty is so adorable! She likes to play with toys and sometimes has a burst of energy and races around the house. Patty is a high-energy dog and will need 2+ hours of good exercise daily (long walks, hiking, etc.). She likes to play fetch and that could be part of her daily exercise.

Patty is a little shy and unsure of different situations, but she recovers quickly when you show no reaction. She wants to please you, but she needs direction and supervision. Now that’s she’s been with us for a bit, Patty is very affectionate, loves to give us kisses, and looks into our eyes to see what we want her to do.

Patty is house-broken and crate-trained and will happily go in the crate when you put some treats in it. She knows how to sit, down, drop it and look. Patty walks well on a leash and rides well in the car. She’s always excited to go on an adventure!

Patty gets along well with our 4 year old male boxer and has recently become friends with 2 visiting Chihuahuas. She hasn’t been introduced to children or cats while in our care, so we can’t say for sure how she’d be with either.

Patty’s fur-ever home would ideally have someone that is around most of the time to provide love and guidance and possibly have another dog to be her “support dog” and help her in social situations where she sometimes becomes unsure or overwhelmed. Patty is a bit on the small side, so if you’re looking for a smaller boxer companion come meet Patty!