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Peetie is such a sweet and affectionate boy! He has a beautiful reddish/dark fawn coat that is very smooth, and he doesn’t shed very much (so far). Peetie usually wants to be where I am, inside or out, but will go outside alone occasionally to sunbathe and potty. He tends to be shy/wary with new people and doesn’t like when strangers walk right up to him. This will likely change as he gets more experience with people. Peetie hasn’t been introduced to children while in my care, so I don’t know how he is with them. For now I would recommend children 12 and up (preferably with dog experience) because of his initial shyness.

Peetie is a playful boy – he likes when I throw his toys for him to chase and he gives them back easily. Peetie likes the stuffies and doesn’t chew them up. He carries at least one around most of the time. Peetie is a relatively mellow dog but I think he would adjust his activity to match the level of his family.

Peetie rides well in the car, and is house broken and crate trained. He is crated when left home alone and does cry a bit, but he’s back to his normal calm self when I return. Peetie chases my cat so he’d probably do best in a cat-free home, but he’s very friendly with other dogs. He’s fairly good on leash but does tug a bit, so more training on that will be needed.