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Randy is a very smart, sweet guy who deserves a loving forever home. He happily greets visitors to our home, sometimes with a little too much exuberance, but we’re working on his manners. Randy would do best in a home where there is activity for him to follow and participate in. He’s a typical velcro boxer, following his favorite person around wherever s/he goes, getting as close as possible. Randy isn’t allowed on the furniture here, but he would make a great snuggle buddy!

Randy walks fairly well on leash (still needs a little training), is crate-trained, and is house-trained, giving us a bark at the door when he needs to go potty. If he’s left home alone however, he may urinate in the house, but he’s improving on this. He has also been known to counter surf if left alone, so the crate is his friend, even if only for 5 minutes. Randy does have some separation anxiety, which we’re working on and continues to improve. We always prepare him if we’re going to leave by giving him a bone in his crate and letting him get settled before we go.

Randy was recently introduced to pumpkin and loved it! We had to keep him away form our Halloween pumpkins so he wouldn’t eat them all! 😉 He also loves his toys, being most fond of small fuzzy animals. He will play catch by himself by tossing the animal in the air and chasing it. Randy will chase a tennis ball and will occasionally give it back – we’re working on “drop.” He’s gotten along well with a variety of dogs but has a high prey drive, so his new home shouldn’t have cats or other small pets.

Randy is a sensitive guy and tends to shut down and get a little defensive if we’re too stern with him, so we’re using lots of positive reinforcement to give him the training he likely never had. A quiet, patient, calming voice for training is a must with Randy. Once he trusts a person he is very calm; until he trusts you he can be a little defensive. Due to his level of exuberance, any children in the home should be 12 or older.

Randy is a diamond in the rough who just needs love, patience and understanding to become the perfect pet. Ideally Randy’s fur-ever home will have at least one person there most of the time for him to feel comfortable and safe. He’ll give you all the love you could want if you give him a chance!