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Randy is a real hunk of love! He just wants to please everyone and be part of all activity going on in the house. Randy doesn’t like to relax when anything is going on in the house, including vacuuming, house cleaning, laundry…he will follow you everywhere!. But at the end of the day when you relax, so does he. Randy quickly learns house rules and simply wants to please everyone.

Randy loves his toys and bones. He will entertain himself tossing his toys in the air and chasing them. His favorite toy right now is a two-foot stuffed squeaky snake; his second favorite is a wonderball. And he loves to sunbathe!

I think if he were human, we would call Randy a home-body. He simply wants to be at home with his family. Randy will engage with other dogs in the house, but really prefers people. He adores children of all ages and is generally very gentle, but he sometimes forgets his size so he would probably be best in a home with children 8 or older.