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Remy is a big, beautiful, fun-loving, self-assured, full-of-life Boxer boy who will be a wonderful family addition. He loves going on long walks where he walks politely by his human’s leg and greets people and pets alike with gentlemanly behavior. Remy also rides well in the car, is house broken, and is crate trained, though the crate is not his favorite thing, since he would much rather be with his family.

Remy loves being with humans and other dogs, both large and small, and treats them with respect. He is a large dog who could easily harm a smaller dog, but he is gentle with them even when they take his bones and toys, indicating that Remy is a lover not a fighter. Remy’s favorite dog is his Boxer foster sister, Willow. Because he is a big, young, strong boy, he would do best in a home with older children, as he might accidentally hurt a small child.

Remy has suffered his share of losses in life and would do well in a family with another dog, hopefully another Boxer or similar sized dog to play with. He deserves a family who is committed to including him as a family member and who can spend a lot of time with him.