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Rey is an extremely loving and sweet boxer who attaches to his human(s) quickly. He likes to have clear line of sight to me at all times…a little loving shadow. Although he’s not treat motivated, Rey thrives on attention, praise and kisses. So far, those are the best training incentives for him. Rey is a quick learner and he likes to please his owner. He’s almost learned a few commands like “sit” and “lay down,” and soon he’ll know more.

Rey is super energetic: he runs, hikes, jumps, and is very observant of everything from birds in the sky to the cat in the neighbor’s window. Rey has a very, very high prey drive (so no cats). Because of all of his energy and curiosity, walking on the leash can be a challenge at times, but he’s getting better by the day. Rey has met other dogs and, although he has shown curiosity, he hasn’t shown any aggression towards them. He does tend to play rough so he might not be a good fur-sibling to smaller dogs.

According to Rey, car rides aren’t that much fun because he’s not allowed on my lap while I’m driving. He will wine and try to climb over the seats but he has gotten better at listening to “sit.” Yes, Rey thinks he’s a lap dog and it’s quite hilarious to see how he tries to squeeze his body on my lap.

Rey is very friendly with people, although he can be a tad reserved at the beginning. Since he can be a little excitable, Rey may not be a good companion for smaller children as he could accidentally knock them down.

A calm, very active and assertive owner is a must for Rey, as he is very stubborn and smart…he will only do what he wants to do if he senses he can get away with it and he plays the boxer innocent look to perfection! 😉

Ideally Rey needs a home where he gets a minimum of 2 hours of vigorous exercise daily, someone is home most of the time, and he gets lots of attention. Rey may benefit by having a fur-sibling to show him the ropes and keep him company.