Roxy (7602)

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My name is Roxy. My foster mom calls me a doll. I was loved at one time, and I am not sure why I am not with my family anymore. All I know is I still love to give love and get love from others.

Since I’m an older gal, I can be a bit moody with other dogs, but that’s because I have a few old lady aches and pains and I’m just being protective of myself. I mean, I don’t mind other dogs, but if I have to live with one, they must be okay that I am going to be the top lady dog of the house and I like to rule the roost, but I really don’t need or want a companion dog. If I could be with a retired human like me, you know one that is older, moderately active, walks around the block to just to get the blood moving and would toss me a ball in the living room a few times a day that would be just fine with me. I’d love to take rides in the car for a quick trip to the store or while you run your errands. I have good manners and know all my basic commands well; I am perfect and very soft in your hand on a leash.

Perhaps you are looking at my pictures and think, “with that silver face she must be so old,” I would have to say, my silver face is no different than those beautiful wrinkles that grandma has. They show that we are wise and have earned our place of respect in the world. But in spite of a few old lady aches, I don’t think I’m as old as I may look. You know us boxers, we tend to go grey much sooner than some of our canine cousins, that is because we tend to feel the emotions of the world around us.

Maybe you know a retired someone that doesn’t have internet access, please feel free to print my pictures and bio out to show them and one of our nice NCBR volunteers would be happy to work with them to see if I could be perfect match for my new fur-ever home!