Roxy (7640)

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Roxy is a beautiful fawn boxer with an affectionate and spunky personality. She loves people and would do well in most any home! She’s met children of various ages (2-15) and was very polite, but since she can be reactive to other dogs, children in the adoptive home must be over 15. Roxy knows quite a few commands, such as sit, down, stay, shake, speak, and she’s getting the hang of roll over.

Roxy is currently living with 3 cats and a dog, and she’s learning to leave the cats alone. She has met some horses and other livestock without issue. Roxy likes car rides and prefers to ride quietly on the floor behind the seat. She sleeps all night on her bed, walks well on leash, is crate trained and is fully house-broken. She goes outside to potty first thing in the morning and goes to the door and scratches or whines whenever she needs out. Roxy has really adapted well in our daily life.