Roxy (7640)

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Roxy is a happy, senior girl. In spite of her ortho issues, she gets around pretty well. She’s easy going and charming. Roxy walks well on leash though she sometimes pulls a little. She is friendly to people who come to the house. She has been introduced to children ages 5 & 8 and did well. Roxy is crated trained and rides well in the car. She takes treats/food gently, and overall is a good girl.

Given Roxy’s age, it would be great if she could be in a home where people are around a bit, so that she can be let outside to potty fairly regularly. She would not do well being inside for 8-10 hours a day. Roxy learned pretty quickly how to signal if she needed to go outside. Because of her knees, she needs to avoid a lot of steps.

Roxy deserves a nice, cushy retirement where she can relax in her golden years.