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Sasha is the sweetest girl and has a smile that will melt your heart! She absolutely adores being with, around, and loving on her humans. Unfortunately, this sweet girl has had a really rough past which has left her very timid in new situations and hesitant trying new things. We are slowly working through some of these issues and with a little love, encouragement, praise, and a few treats, Sasha has made huge strides.

Sasha loves her people and wants to be next to them whenever possible. Sasha and I are kindred spirits in that we both love treats, lazy Sundays, a good massage, and the occasional walk to the park. Sasha is kennel trained and once in she is very quiet and content. She is housebroken and uses the doggy door to go outside, this was one of her big accomplishments! We are currently working on some basic obedience. She hasn’t been introduced to cats while in our care, and we don’t have a resident dog for her to interact with.

This little girl has so much to give, help her find a home where she can share all her love and smiles!