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Sawyer is a handsome, calm, affectionate boxer (he loves to give boxer kisses!). His attitude is very chill and nothing seems to phase him. Sawyer has met strangers, children and other dogs, and has been a perfect gentleman the entire time. He loves to get attention, but once you tell him “enough” he will go lay down on his bed.

When it’s time to go for a walk, Sawyer is very polite at the door – he never exits without permission. Sawyer does pretty well walking on a leash but could use a little training. He never pulls and for the most part he walks next to me or behind me, but sometimes he does walk into me, or right in front of my path. When off leash he stays right by me and wants to be close at all times.

Sawyer really likes to hang out with my female boxer, but he would probably be fine as an only dog too. I have taken him to dinner with me and he just politely sat while I ate. He is not an anxious dog and seems pretty confident. Sawyer is a pretty mellow guy and only needs a small amount of exercise daily – a short walk around the block twice a day seems to be enough for him.

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