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Sherman is such a smart, obedient, kind and loving dog. He is a very happy boy. Sherman would really love to have a fur sister or brother to play with and a big yard to romp in. He is a very smart and athletic dog. He has quite the nose on him and would make a great search and rescue dog or some kind of service dog as he thrives on learning new commands and tricks, like carrying a bag of groceries in from the car! He takes great pleasure in pleasing me when I ask him to do his commands like sit, stay, wait, heel, slow, in, etc. He has learned so much and we have lots of fun together.

He loves to ride in the car and looks at everything! He even watches airplanes in the sky! He loves to run and does not have a high prey drive. I have had him within a few feet of a squirrel, birds and a couple cats and he would rather watch it. He does play too rough with smaller dogs. Sherman continues to be very reactive to other dogs, just wanting so bad to meet them and play. It has not been in an aggressive way.

Sherman loves life and wants to experience everything! Loves making new friends and is good with children, but I recommend older children since he will jump up and box when he plays and could knock them over when he is being silly and racing around. He is so handsome. He needs to go to a really good home with loving humans that will make him a part of their family. He is very sensitive and loving and also a great watch dog. He will growl and bark only a couple or few times until I tell him that it is OK. Seeing strangers walking through the back yard or hearing noises in the hallway and he will warn me and them! Sherman is the perfect size at about 60 lbs.