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Squishy is a sweet, loving, and affectionate dog who wants to give love as much as receive it. While she will occasionally play with toys, her favorite activity is to be near her people – resting quietly nearby no matter what you’re doing. Squishy is a people dog all around; she loves meeting humans and silently charms them into giving her hugs and kisses with the gentle wagging of her tail and looking deeply into their eyes. Squishy prefers to be the only dog in a home so she can focus all of her attention on her people.

Squishy has some mobility issues due to weakened back legs, but despite this she gets around quite impressively, though wobbly. Shoes on her rear feet give her traction and help steady her, and should be worn at all times except when crated. Squishy appreciates her morning and evening walks and does well for a 45 minute jaunt – too much longer and her back legs will tire and begin to give out.

Squishy is curios about other animals and people on walks, so we use a harness with a short leash to keep her on track, which is also helpful to steady her when she goes potty. Squishy doesn’t always let us know when she needs to go outside, so we keep a diaper on her in the house except when she’s crated.

This darling girl will thrive in an environment filled with understanding and patience for her disability, and in return will fill the hearts and home of her people with love, joy, and devotion.