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Stevie is a delightful little girl who thinks she’s a lap dog, and will get in as close as possible to show affection. She is incredibly well mannered, loves lounging around the house, and only barked once when playing with another dog having fun. Stevie rides in the car just fine. She enjoys playing with other dogs of all sizes and actually boxes, with her signature move being a right round-house ‘slap across the face.’ Stevie likes to hop and spin around when in play-mode. Once the stitches from her spay come out we plan to get Stevie some more serious trail time.

Stevie hasn’t met any cats yet, but as you can see in one of her pictures, she didn’t chase the geese when we were on the beach recently, so she may be able to be introduced to cats. She is great with kids of all ages and enjoys the attention.

All in all, Stevie is an incredible balance of pleasing love, maturity, and plenty of energy on tap for hikes, sunset beach walks, and I’m sure even for snow play later in the year!