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Sugar is a super sweet, friendly girl. She loves her twice-daily walks and playing with her toys. She gets along very well with her foster fur-brother Oliver but sometimes forgets that he’s only 13 pounds and can’t play the same as her. Sugar would do well in an active home with a dog similar in size to her. Sugar is good at relaxing and sleeps in her bed or on the floor when we’re doing our human things. She pretty much just wants to be around her people.

Sugar walks well on leash but tries to chase birds and squirrels. She wants to make friends with every dog and human she walks past and is beginning to understand that sometimes she just needs to let them walk past without interaction. She needs some work on commands but is very smart and will learn fast. She rides well in the car and is a great companion for any adventure.

Sugar periodically tries to get on the furniture by tentatively putting her front paws on the couch to see if she’s allowed. If not, she just goes back to her bed. Sugar is a ton of fun to have around. She exudes so much joy when going for walks and always looks at you to make sure you’re having as good of a time as her.

In some of Sugar’s pictures she has a long, natural tail. Due to “Happy Tail” the vet decided to amputate it, so now she has a docked tail.