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Sydney is a loving, energetic puppy who is friendly with anyone she meets. She is always up for a walk, but her favorite thing is to cuddle. She is never far from her foster fur-brother Sammy: she sleeps on him or touches him constantly. I feel she would benefit by being with a family that has a resident dog, as it seems she is most content when she is by Sammy’s side.

Sydney’s future family must realize she is a puppy and all that comes with it. She’s still learning and does push her limits when allowed. She must always have an endless supply of toys as something is always in her mouth. Sydney walks well on leash for the most part, but still tugs on occasion – continued training will be needed.

Sydney has been introduced to the resident cat and they became fast friends. She also loves children, having been introduced to the kids soccer teams and loved every minute of it! If you’re looking for a love bug and ready for the fun, crazy, unexpected life with a puppy, apply to adopt today and come meet Sydney!