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Tempe is a very sweet girl. We think her two best qualities are her affectionate nature and her very good behavior with our male boxer and female 20 lb. Boston/Pug mix. Tempe really likes to cuddle, rarely barks, likes her crate and doesn’t chew on it, and she hasn’t chewed anything else. The main thing Tempe likes to do is get cozy and put her chin on your chest. She knows what the couch is all about!

When she’s outside she plays for awhile but soon wants to go back in the house. She tries to play a bit with our dogs but they aren’t very physical and she doesn’t push it. The only time she’s tried to jump on me is when I get home from work, but she gets down when asked. Tempe has a nice personality, she’s easy to be around. Our Boston likes to harass the dog next door, but not Tempe. The only time I’ve heard her bark is when she wanted an extension after a head rub or when she first saw us swim in the pool. She wants no part in getting in the pool herself.

Tempe is treat motivated and has a gentle mouth. We’re still working on sit, but have had success with the “potty” command, and she came house trained. Tempe pulls on the leash, so that’s still being worked on as well, but she’s getting better. She rides nicely in the car: she doesn’t get anxious or scramble to get out. Tempe doesn’t flinch when you raise your hands and she doesn’t get annoyed at having her feet or ears handled. I haven’t seen her dig or try to escape from the yard. Once she sneaked by me and got out the front door but she stood on the porch and came back in immediately.

When Tempe first arrived at our house, she immediately got on her back in the driveway and showed us her belly. She likes my husband but it took her a few days to warm up to him, whereas she seemed to take to me (foster mom) straight away. We don’t have kids or cats so I don’t know how she does with them.

Overall, Tempe is a very good, sweet-natured dog. She’s a cuddle bug with a big heart and loves her humans. If you’re looking for a very affectionate companion, come meet Tempe!