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This adorable li’l nugget is Thor! He’s a super sweet and loving pup who adores snuggling. Thor has Megaesophagus, which just means he can’t eat like other dogs. His conditions requires a special diet and he has to eat from his Bailey Chair. You can learn more about MegaE at

Thor is very typical in his boxer personality: he can be calm and mellow, but then bounce right into energetic playfulness! He is currently living with 2 other boxers and gets along with them most of the time. They’ve had a couple of tiffs, but were then best buds right after the scuffle. Thor generally gets along with our cat, but occasionally chases him.

Thor is currently working on his leash manners as he tends to tug for about the first 10 minutes of a walk. He’s also a bit reactive toward other dogs while he’s on leash, so we’re working on correcting that behavior as well. As with visitors to our home, if people approach Thor when he’s on leash he is very friendly and excited to see them. Thor hasn’t formally interacted with any children yet, but on our morning walk, he greets all of the children walking to school and is friendly and happy to see them.

Thor is a diamond in the rough! He just needs a little training and he will make a wonderful companion. Let your adoption coordinator know if you would like to learn more about or meet Thor.