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This adorable li’l nugget is Thor! He’s a super sweet and loving pup who adores snuggling. Thor has Megaesophagus, which just means he can’t eat like other dogs. His condition requires a special diet and he has to eat from his Bailey Chair. You can learn more about MegaE at baileychairs4dogs.comHe loves his Bailey chair and usually falls asleep in it after eating. Thor recently demonstrated the Bailey Chair on Good Day Sacramento and had a lot of fun. He was excited to meet every person he came into contact with and, as you can see, he did great sitting in his chair during the segment:

Thor is very typical in his boxer personality: he loves to cuddle and give kisses, and he’s also a big goofball and loves to play with his humans. Thor is currently living with 2 other boxers and gets along with our female, Penelope, but he wants nothing to do with our male. This may be because our male is deaf and doesn’t pick up on normal dog cues, but we’re not sure. Thor gets along with our cat, who is indoor/outdoor and not around a lot, and seems interested in him. Thor loves children! He just wants to be petted and cuddled by them.

Thor is crate trained and runs to it when we say it’s time to get in his crate. He’s well behaved, knows his commands, and does as he’s told (gets in his bed, lays down, sits, etc. when asked to do so). He loves his Lickety Stik that he gets as a treat for being a good boy (he can’t eat regular treats because of his MegaE). Thor is currently working on his leash manners as he tends to tug for about the first 10 minutes of a walk. He’s also a bit reactive toward other dogs while he’s on leash, so we’re working on correcting that behavior as well.

Thor would be a great companion for someone retired or that works from home, who could spend the day hanging out with him and giving him cuddles. He loves his humans!