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Tristan is a young sweet boxer mix that is in his lanky stages with some room to grow. He has long legs, big paws and a goofy run. This boy came into rescue extremely timid and shy but is making great progress coming out of his shell and learning how to play. Tristan was excited and curious when introduced to my 11 & 16 year old boys and wanted to play but he wasn’t sure what to do!

Since Tristan is still new to his foster home, he is slowly being introduced to his 4 foster-fur siblings. He seems to be really curious and excited at the prospect of being able to play with some 4-legged friends very soon. There have been a lot of sniffs through the baby gates that keep him separated from the pack and a whole lot of tail wagging on both sides. Tristan hasn’t been around any cats while in our care.

Tristan is still fairly young and sometimes startles easily. He is currently working with his foster mom and dad building up his confidence as well as learning some basic commands like sit, stay, wait & down. Tristan has also been working on his potty training and has gotten the hang of doing his business outside. 🙂 He is crate trained and doesn’t mind being crated when his foster parents are out and about on errands.

Tristan would do best in a fur-ever home that has time to continue his training with gentle but firm commands as well as provide him with a moderate amount of exercise and stimulation.

Please be sure to check back often for updated pictures & videos! 🙂

*** Tristan will only be adopted out to homes where there is already an adult dog, no children under five, and where he will not be left alone for long hours. ***