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Tyson (aka Targhee) is a huge sweetheart and such a character. He’s just as happy to cuddle and cocoon with you as he is to play ball. And if nobody is available to play with Tyson, he’ll just grab his ball and adorably roll it around himself. Our resident boxer isn’t fond of other dogs but that’s never stopped Tyson from showing her love. He is incredibly kind-hearted.

Tyson knows how to sit and lay down and has become so much better on a leash. If he sees something interesting on a walk, he will occasionally lunge but more often, he stops in his tracks and intently focuses on what got his attention. That is unless it is another dog – he’s always excited to meet other dogs and so eager to have a dog buddy!

Continued training with Tyson should be quite successful because he is very bright and eager to please, as well as being incredibly food motivated. He is house broken, rides well in the car, and is currently working on learning that his crate is a safe space for him.

Tyson is very good natured and loving and, despite his size, is very gentle with his love. Due to his large size and his tendency to resource guard, Tyson needs a home where any children are 15 or older.