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Tyson is a very endearing and sweet boy. He loves getting petted, being in the same room as his people, leaning into people for scratches, going for walks, running, sniffing plants, lying on soft surfaces, and greeting people with his goofy grin. Tyson also loves food, and the idea of chasing cats!

Tyson is a strong dog, and would be best for a home with mature teens and adults, or just adults. He loves getting his human’s attention and going out for exercise, but is also completely fine hanging out near you on a dog bed. Tyson can get nervous around nervous/excited people and loud noises, and would do best in a quieter home. He’s fully house broken, crate trained, and rides well in the car – road trip, anyone?

If you want lots of love and a bit of energy while you’re outside walking, Tyson may be a good fit for you. He is a diamond-in-the-ruff who needs continued guidance and training to build his confidence so he can become the best boxer he can be. Tyson is looking for his fur-ever home so he can fit in and have his people to love.