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Warner is the sweetest boy ever! He just wants to be your best friend and companion. This handsome boy loves to go on long walks as many times as you will take him. He gets super excited when he is about to go on a walk and will spin around in circles and simultaneously hop at the same time. Warner is working on his manners on leash when he meets other dogs. He just gets so excited he can hardly contain himself!

Warner is best buddies with my chihuahua mix but never too rough. He is very good at his basic commands: sit, stay, down, and shake, and has potential to learn much more. He is fully house trained and crate trained too.Warner loves to cuddle up for a good nap on his dog bed, the floor, the couch, or even on your bed if you let him.

Warner can be a bit exuberant, and normally, because of this we would recommend children in the home be over 12. However, Warner has been around children of all ages and seems very respectful of their size and needs. This might change with different children so children will need to be assessed individually.

If you are looking for a best friend for yourself or your family this sweet boy is the one!