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Willie came to us pretty underweight and very obviously neglected, but has been recovering beautifully. He is a mellow, affectionate, love bug that holds no ill will towards anyone, even though it’s obvious he’s been through a lot.

Willie loves going on walks and will keep whatever pace you set for him. He is the ultimate walking companion and will also happily sleep by your side when he is not on walks. Willie appears to have substantial hearing loss but hasn’t missed a beat in our home with my two hearing dogs. He will bark when they bark(although not nearly as loud or prolonged) and go to the door when someone knocks.

Willie has been wonderful with my children (ages 9 and 14). He is very gentle and just loves attention from anyone regardless of age. Willie also gets along well with my two dogs (a chihuahua mix and a terrier mix). He is very mellow and doesn’t really play with them but he is content to watch them play together. Willie hasn’t been introduced to any cats, so we’re not sure how he would be with them. He doesn’t chase birds or squirrels so he doesn’t seem to have a high prey drive.

Willie is a bit of a beggar and would really love some table food, will sometimes setting his head on your lap and ‘talking’ to you, but we are keeping him strictly on dog food. If you are looking for an adult boxer who is a mellow companion, gentle, and a loving sweetheart, Willie is your guy!