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Wilson is an absolute sweetheart and a bit of a goofball! He loves getting LOTS of attention but is also content to lay near his people and follow them around the house to see what they are doing. He loves squeaky stuffed toys and playing fetch in the yard.

Wilson is VERY food-driven and will do all kinds of training for treats! He has learned sit, lie down, shake, and (though he doesn’t like it) to wait until given the “okay” before gobbling up a treat that is placed on the floor. Wilson enjoys baths and especially loves rolling around in the grass afterwards.

While he generally has polite indoor manners, Wilson tends to get over-excited (especially when he is outside) and may make poor decisions if he is not kept in a calm, “Zen” mindset. Examples include lunging, barking, and mouthing (biting, but not to cause damage – he thinks this is an appropriate way to show he wants to play). Wilson spent 5 weeks in training to learn better behaviors and is thriving with that training. But he will need an owner who can continue to reinforce what he’s learned.

Wilson is house-broken, crate-trained, rides well in the car, and is working on improving his leash manners. He greets new people with enthusiasm and love kids. Wilson may be okay with a dog pal after a slow and managed introduction, but he’d be happy being an only dog if his human is around most of the time. After 2 months with his foster family, Wilson is able to ignore the resident cat, but is often very focused on her and would likely not do well in a home with cats.

Wilson has a lot of love to give and will appreciate all of the love he receives. He will do well in a household where he’ll get a lot of attention or at least be around his people most of the time. Wilson is a very good boy and it’s easy to fall in love with him!