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Hello folks, my name is Winston. I’m here to fill your life with happiness and maybe a little slobber.

I love Nylabones! I also love chasing tennis balls, but don’t expect me to bring it back to you. You’re going to have to chase me, and believe it or not, I’m probably faster! But I’m learning that it’s an outside toy, and I can’t bring it back into the house. A shame, really.

I just want to be near you, and I have ears like a bat. I will hear you leave the room, and even if it sounds like I’m snoring, I’ll be up with you before you know it. I’m your little shadow! But I am slowly learning the kitchen is not where I should be when food is out. I’m a little chow hound and I can be a little stubborn. But I’m a smart guy, so just be a little patient with me.

I can be active, ready for walks, ready to play in the yard, or will happily snooze on my bed. I’m great on a leash, I don’t pull and I’m happy to trot along. But running’s not really my thing. I can hang out at home, chewing those Nylabones… Really, I’m like that friend you have who’s always welcome in the house, but I don’t eat all your Cheetos. I’m house trained, crate trained and I also ride well in the car! I can be a bit particular about my canine companions – I like females or submissive males.

I’ve been introduced to a 9-year old and did great! I’ve also recently been introduced to a 3- and 4-year old who were very dog-savvy and I did well with them too. But then there was this tiny one that was crawling on the floor and I didn’t quite know what to think of that. My foster mom says I’d be best in a home with older children or, if they are younger, then they need to be very experienced with dogs.

Let’s meet! I don’t think you’ll be able to say no to me and my adorable block head. It’s for all my brains, you know!