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Woody is a big teddy bear of a dog. He has a gorgeous black coat and a heart of gold and has charmed everyone in my home. Woody acts like a big puppy one moment and the next is cuddling right next to you on the couch. He loves to go on walks and will be happy to take charge if not given guidance. Once he knows the expectations he will walk by your side most of the time, but if he sees a squirrel or a bird he seems to forget he is on leash and tries to take off running.

Woody has two foster fur-siblings: a chihuahua mix (Piccachu) and a terrier mix (Penelope). He plays very sweetly with Piccachu and, although Woody is 5x Piccachu’s size, he does not take offense when Piccachu is being a grumpy pup. Woody will put his head low and his bottom up and bark and whine begging Piccachu to play with him. This has won Piccachu over and they are becoming inseparable already. Penelope is even showing signs of accepting Woody and, although she doesn’t want to play, she is taking naps next to him.

Woody does has diabetes insipidus but it is easily treated with eye drops and he has responded well to the treatment NCBR has him on. Since being in our home this condition has hardly affected him – he runs, jumps, plays happily, and is as happy as can be.

Woody loves ALL humans, including children, but will is better suited to a family without young children as he can be very excitable. If Woody sounds like a fit for your home, submit an application today – he’s a great catch and is sure to find his fur-ever home quickly!