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Wyatt is a total hunk of a love muffin! He loves his people and loves nothing more than to cuddle with you. If you forget to continue petting him, he’ll put his head under your hand and gently nudge it to get you to continue head scratches, chin rubs, and ear massages. Wyatt has not expressed an interest in any toys yet and although he doesn’t fully play with his foster fur sissies yet (well once for 14 seconds), he loves to cuddle up next to them and take naps. Wyatt is the guy you want to snuggle up and binge watch your favorite shows with.

Wyatt loves hanging out with his people and being close to them. His favorite things, besides people and food, are walkies and napping. Wyatt has demonstrated that he can go for jogs and runs very well. This cutie patootie has not interacted with kids or small critters but is pretty gentle at home. When we come home or are about to go walkies, he wiggles and wiggles and wiggles and has this adorable warbling sound that he makes; it’s like a low rumble and that’s Wyatt speak for “I’m super happy right now.” Wyatt is good on our walks and he’s learning not to pull; he’s also learning to ignore the mean dogs that bark at us, and the crazy chihuahua next door that barks incessantly at the fence.

Although Wyatt can be in a crate when someone is home; he prefers not to be crated when his people leave the house. As long as all the yummy food is stored away, Wyatt does great being left loose at home listening to music. Wyatt would be a great only dog but would also do well with an easy going buddy to spoon with.

The best thing about this pup (apart from his good looks) is his affectionate personality; the worst part is that I’m jealous of how many naps he gets to take every day! I love this guy and love watching more of his cute personality show up and hopefully I’ll have my phone to capture it so you can all see how special he is.