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Yogi the “love bug” is very mellow and affectionate. He is happiest when in close proximity to his people, as you might expect from a blind boxer. But who needs sight to have fun? Yogi relies on years of experience taking in his surroundings with gusto, never mind a few bumps on the head or stumbles along the path. A champ on a leash, Yogi will need his new family to give him just a few days of guidance around their property and then he will quickly acclimate to the terrain.

Did we mention Yogi is mellow? He shows friendliness to other dogs, cats, kiddos and strangers; though rambunctious young children might scare or startle him. Yogi is a sweet petite boy who would be perfect for a household in search of a boxer who is happy to just chill with his tribe.



Playing with his new foster fur-siblings

Learning his way around

Checking out the local sheep