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Hi! My name is Xander and according to my foster mom, I am a big boy with the heart and mind of a puppy! But she also says that about all boxers. My foster mom also thinks that I must of had a rough start to life and was left alone a lot since I am somewhat nervous meeting new people and really don’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. But I am getting better at that meeting new people stuff and really love my foster fur siblings, especially my foster fur brother since he plays with me more than my foster fur sisters. (My foster mom says it’s because they are getting older and just can’t keep up with a young pup like me.)

I am looking for my furever family and hope that when I find them that they will love to play and explore as much as I do. I love playing on the grass with my foster fur brother. We run on it really fast and do zoomies around each other and then lay down on it to catch our breath. My foster dad takes me jogging with him and is teaching me how to run along side him when he goes bike riding. That’s really fun too. He says I’m a funny one since I tried to play tug of war with him using my leash the first time we went out on the bike but now I just like to hold my leash in my mouth when we go. I also like to talk when I play, which makes my foster mom smile because she thinks it means I’m gaining enough confidence in myself to sass her. 🙂

There are still so many things that I am learning with my foster mom and dad, but if you think you have room in your heart and your home for a pup like me, I would love to meet you.

From Xander’s Foster mom:

Xander is a young, very playful (now that he has come out of his shell) boxer . . . and the first one that I have had with a natural (i.e. long) tail. In the beginning, he was very thin, scared and cautious, especially when meeting new people. However, that has changed dramatically since he has been with me & NCBR. He has gained some healthy weight, is less fearful of his surroundings, and is starting to show some of that boxer spirit.

Xander is potty trained but is still learning on how to let us know when he needs to go out. He has had an accident or two after playing hard with his fur brother and not being let out right away after he was done playing. Xander walks well on the leash, is kennel trained and sleeps on his dog bed during the night. He is still young and fairly new to being part of a loving pack and would do well in a home where he has another companion (tolerant of a playful boxer pup) that is semi-active and that will continue to be patient with him while he builds up more confidence and continues learning.