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Zane is one of the sweetest and most gentle boxers we have ever fostered. He came to us with extreme difficulty in walking after some sort of accident, most likely being hit by a car. We were skeptical as to what sort of recovery Zane would or could make but his progress has been outstanding! Every day he grew stronger and he is now a completely different dog. While he will never be a running partner, Zane loves his short walks every day and will be as active as you let him be. He walks very well on leash!

Zane stole our hearts from day one! He is so sweet and a bit shy – he really gravitates towards females but slowly lets himself open and trust the males of the household. Zane is extremely calm and friendly, he was reserved at first but every day he showed us a new characteristic and his personality opened up. He is very calm around our 9-year old. We haven’t heard him bark once!

When one of our previous foster dogs came to visit, Zane showed us a completely different side to his personality: he was energetic and extremely playful! We were quite surprised and delighted by this change. Zane does tend to chase squirrels, so he probably wouldn’t do well with a cat in the household. If you’re looking for a sweet and lovable boy on the calmer side, then Zane could be your guy!

Medical Note: Zane was hit by a car and sustained cervical trauma. He had several weeks of steroid treatment, with vast improvement, and is currently off steroids.  He is doing well but mild neurological deficits remain.