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Zena is a sweet girl that doesn’t ask for much. She’s content relaxing in front of a fireplace or out doing zoomies on the property – when she’s at top speed all you see is a big slobbery mouth coming at you with the utmost joy!

Zena is fully house trained and very well mannered in her crate. We give her a treat container (i.e. Kong) as she goes in for an afternoon nap or for the night. Zena knows basic obedience plus sit stay, down stay and she LOVES her recall, but don’t forget the treats! She is highly motivated by treats, praise, fun and play. Zena isn’t much into toys but she does LOVE food!

Zena is very well mannered on leash and can walk past dogs like a pro without any reaction. Although she is non-reactive with other dogs on walks, she prefers to be the only pet in the house. She also has some prey drive, however, she can maintain pretty good control when she’s exposed to critters at the park.

Zena is a delicate girl that can get overwhelmed if things are loud or moving too fast. But once she’s had time to learn all about her new people and home at her pace, you’ll have yourself one affectionate, trusting, and loyal companion. What’s important to Zena is that she’s with her people!

Because Zena can be overwhelmed with noises and high traffic homes, she would thrive in a child-free home. This lady is about the zen life and she would love a calmer home that can give her low impact walks just once a day. If you’re looking for a solo companion on the mellow side, Zena just might be your girl!