Targhee – January, 2018


Targhee found his fur-ever home with Pamela O. & family!

“Targhee (fka Tyson) is doing GREAT!! 🙂 He and Frank are getting along fantastically! The house is rocking with that crazy boxer dog play, but it’s all good. They played last night until pretty pooped out, then both slept in their individual crates in our bedroom. I have the crates right up next to each other. Targhee protested at first but settled down nicely with a nylabone and, realizing that no one was impressed with his whining, and that Frank was snoring, he did the same.

” Targhee is a very sweet boy and we think he will learn fast, especially with Frank to teach him. We will keep you posted on his progress. We are so happy and thankful to have him in our family! Thank you all for that you do!!!!”

~ Pamela