Eggs Benedict – Courtesy Listing*

Eggs Benedict! 9 month puppy, male, neutered, brindle, crate trained, house trained (even knows yo use bells on door to ask to go out!).

Eggs was a rescue with a past of being badly attacked on leash by a large dog, and had a family and trainer that were using aggressive negative tactics that made his reactivity and fear immensely worse. He came to me as a surrender at 6 months, already with a bite history because of his fear of both humans and other dogs.

In a space of unconditional love, positive reinforcement, and good safe boundaries, Eggie B has thrived! He is being fostered with a professional trainer that’s been allowing him to really discover how to be a successful and happy dog. He is such a goofy, fun, playful boy! He LOVES toys, and zoomies in the yard!

Eggs does great off leash with other dogs in my pack already! He’s met breeds big and small and boys and girls and plays well with everyone! He lives with my personal dog – a large neutered male sight hound mix, and they do wonderfully together. Eggs only occasionally needs support on remembering personal space with both his dog and human friends… he has a LOT of love to give and it comes out like a charging rhino at times.

On leash is only solo walks still. With other dogs he becomes aggressive and reactive quickly. His leash trauma from the dog attack is severe. However, Eggs has gone from hardly being able to make it to the end of the block, to happily going on strolls both near home and going on adventures! He loves car rides too! Car rides he can happily to with his big dog foster brother.

Eggie B also lives with a kitty! They interact rarely, but when they do Eggs has done great at still being able to calm and focus on me when I ask. He’s gonna be a great candidate to live with kitties!

Eggs Benny’s past doesn’t make him very compatible with kids, unless the kids are well trained in consent for animals and personal space. He would do best with animal siblings only!

Eggs Benedict is one of the sweetest silliest funnest dogs around! He will make you laugh on the daily, and constantly show you endless love and kisses as thanks for giving him endless love and care in return.

Eggie B is ready for his next adventure, and would love to stay close to Butte County to continue his training with his foster!



Name: Meghan Kelly



Dog’s Location: Butte County