Gigi – Courtesy Listing*

Gigi is a sweet, goofy and loving boxer girl who loves to cuddle, is endlessly patient with the toddler and other dogs in her family, wiggles and waggles and does the boxer ‘kidney bean’ whenever she gets excited, and will let you pick her up and carry her like a baby. She is very loyal and is the kind of dog who will follow you around the house and always stays close. She loves to run and play fetch, often catches a case of the ‘zoomies’ and does laps around the yard as fast as she can, loves to play with her toys and the other dogs in her family and is always the class clown and spreading joy and laughter. She is a little over a year and a half but still very much a puppy.

When outside the home, Gigi reacts aggressively when around dogs and people that she does not know. She has never bit but she shows aggression with dogs that she’s never met. She is reactive when approached by strangers and will attempt to lunge toward them. She does best on walks around the neighborhood or on less populated trails. Gigi has been working on her leash walking skills and is learning not to pull when walking alone. She walks well with an Easy Walk harness or pronged collar if walking with the other dogs in her family. A large yard to run and play in is important for Gigi. If allowed, Gigi would love to curl up at the foot of your bed at night but will happily sleep in a dog bed (or sometimes under it..)

Gigi is highly food motivated and has done well with positive training and has learned to sit and stay. She is house trained and knows how to used a doggy doorbell so accidents are rare. Gigi is crate-trained and needs to crated when left alone, she has a lot of puppy curiosity and likes to chew when no one is around. She is in great health, spayed, and up to date on her vaccines. Like many boxers, she has a pretty severe underbite but that makes for some pretty cute boxer faces.

Because of her aggressive tendencies with strangers, Gigi would do best in a home without the distraction of children. With proper introductions and plenty of individual attention, she would do well in a home with another large dog to play with. She has no experience with cats. Since we brought her home at 8 weeks, she has lived peacefully with a toddler and two large dogs but we cannot give her individual attention and time she needs to thrive.



Name: Amy Pugh

Phone: (530) 588-8877


Dog’s Location: Sacramento Area (Elk Grove)