Josie – Courtesy Listing*

Josie is a fawn boxer, about 10 years old, sweet as can be with her people, when there are people in her home she wants to make sure she knows where everyone is. She likes when her people are around (she gets agitated when they aren’t but not destructive). She also loves car rides! She hasn’t had a lot of interaction with other dogs, and when she has it hasn’t always been positive. On walks she is fine with other dogs unless they bark, then that seems to make her anxious. Older kids who would love on her would be wonderful. She has a prey drive at times (squirrels) so we think no cats. Was easily trained to use a dog door when we got her. Loves to walk (unless she’s being stubborn which she can be at times). She has back leg that doesn’t bend but that doesn’t stop her from showing her friendly happy boxer personality. She was a wonderful companion to my 96 year old momma who just passed away. We’d love to find her a similar home for her.


Name: Lisa Hammond

Phone: (831) 801-2276


Dog’s Location: Santa Barbara, CA