Kirby – February, 2019


Though Kirby’s recent life prior to NCBR was one of neglect, it did not impact his wonderful spirit or love of people. He really enjoyed meeting people and being part of the family. He liked snoozing by the wood stove, his jaunts around the forest, and being with his furry foster kin. Though he was physically limited, he would attempt the characteristic boxer spins, leaps, waggles – all those things that endear us. It was a blessing to Kirby and those who met him that NCBR provided a safe and caring place to live out his final few months.

Thanks to:

  • Robin M. for seeing the sweetness in this boy and providing an avenue for a good life in his remaining days
  • Linda P. for sponsoring him
  • FTLOP for their compassion
  • Pet Food Express for their donations to our pantry
  • Diane D. for capturing his kind soul in photos
  • All of the NCBR volunteers that helped save & support him

~ Kimberly M.