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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Ria Oakley, Doreen Murotsune, Laurie Chow

I am in training. Check back for updates.

Abby is wonderful in the house and loves people, with a proper introduction. She is potty trained, crate trained and can be left indoors with no trouble. In a former home Abby has shown interest in the resident cat, but the cat ruled the roost and there was no conflict. That said, Abby enjoys very much to chase squirrels. She is affection and food motivated.

Abby spent some time in training and is practicing her good canine manners in her current foster home as well as walking in quiet environments. She is a petite, moderate energy dog that will need quiet neighborhood walks and yard play for exercise. She is smart and relentless in her pursuit of affection. Abby is a bit bossy and therefore would be best in a home with children 15 years and older. As far as other dogs, while Abby is fine with dogs on a walk, she is a bit possessive of her toys and would therefore be best as an only dog in the home.  Abby is a wonderful dog with a charming and spunky personality.  She is looking for a forever family to shower with her boxer love.