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Let me introduce you to Ali!
Ali is quite a beefcake, wouldn’t you say? He is a strong, gorgeous, healthy boy that loves every person he meets. He welcomes house visitors politely and just wants to be included in the family events. Ali is affectionate, loving and quite content snuggling up with his humans to watch a movie.

Ali knows all of his basic obedience commands and will be happy to “park-it” on his bed when you need him to. He loves going for a gentle neighborhood walk with his foster mom. He lives with two foster dogs and loves playing with them in the yard and lounging inside while his humans are busy. Ali also crates well when his foster family has to leave.

Ali will need a strong pack leader to make sure he fully understands the household rules. Once he knows what is expected of him, he is happy to comply. He also has a strong prey drive so he should not live with other animals.

He is the perfect dog inside your home and in familiar surroundings. Interested in learning more about Ali? Apply to adopt him today!