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My name is Alice and I’m the sweetest, softest, gentlest girl you’ll ever meet. I’m a calm, mellow boxer that gets along with cats, kids*, and dogs, both big and small. I’m potty trained and crate trained but I’m such a well behaved girl, you can leave me in the house and expect to find things just as you left them. I sleep on a bed in the living room at night and don’t get up until you tell me we’re ready to start the day. I’m fine being left alone for long periods of time but I still get very excited and happy to see you when you come home, greeting you with a thousand kisses and a wiggly butt. I’m living with 2 boys ages 12&7 and a couple cats and a small dog. I like the 7 year old just fine but really like the 12 year old and his friends. Where they are, you’ll likely find me. I like watching them jump on the trampoline or play video games. Their pets are my favorite!

Very unboxer-like of me, I’m a free feeder. I only eat my kibble when im hungry. I have the best manners about everything, food is no exception! I do have wobbly back legs that I take an anti inflammatory for in the morning and night but wrap it in a slice of turkey lunch meat and I’ll happily munch it down. Because of the deficits in my back legs, I wear shoes on my back feet that help me grip on my foster mom’s hardwood floors and protect my knuckles on concrete. I know my shoes give me freedom so I’ll sit on my bottom and wait patiently for you to put them on. I don’t need them on carpet or during low-key times of the day. But boy oh boy, when the 12 year olds are here!!!! Or for the half hour during the afternoon when I like to run! I still need a little bit of exercise to keep my legs strong but just to the end of the street and back is sufficient.

To meet me is to love me. I’m adorable and as you get to know me, I’ll start “talking” to you to get your attention and it will make you laugh. As calm and mellow as I am, I do have a little boxer spunk. I like to play and box from time to time, which is sure to put a smile on your face.

*Due to her wobbly back legs, Alice would do best in a home with kids 6+ or with a place separate from toddlers or small kiddos that might pull or push at her. She’s not reactive but since she’s not quick on her feet, she can’t hop up and walk away.