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Audrey is a fun loving, adorable puppy. Her coloring is a little unique for a Boxer and she is a darker brown fawn, with black muzzle. She is very smart and has almost mastered her potty training. She will run to the door and go out by herself. She would prefer not to go outside to go potty when it’s been cold and rainy outside, so she needs a little persuasion. She is learning to use the doggy door. At 12 weeks old, she already knows her name and comes when you call, she sits, and she started learning how to stay and is catching on to that super quick. All her interactions and training have been positive reinforcement and she should go to a home where her people will continue using positive reinforcement and no harsh corrections or punishments. She loves playing with the resident dogs, and also loves playing and snuggling with her human. She’s absolutely adorable! She would do well in a home where she has another dog to play with. She could go to a home with children, younger children should be supervised when interacting with her to make sure interactions are calm and mannerly. At this early age she could also go to a home with cats, and be taught how to be polite and respectful of them.

Please note: Puppies will only be adopted to a home with a preexisting adult dog, no children under age five, no unfenced pools, and where the puppy will not be home alone for long hours. Do not fill out an application for a puppy if you do not meet ALL requirements. Your application will be immediately denied and will not be processed.