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Please note: Puppies will be adopted into homes with no children under age five, and where the puppy will not be home alone for long hours. NCBR will not consider applications that do not meet these criteria.  A preexisting adult dog is strongly preferred and may be required for some of the puppies.   

Bailey is very affectionate, a quick learner but kinda lazy with brain games. She is a nice companion dog and a little on the sensitive side. When I am outside working, she follows me around and comes when I call her (if she wanders off). She enjoys the company of other dogs and to play and run around. Though meeting dogs should be moderated as she needs to build her social confidence. She likes plush squeaky toys but mostly likes to run around. She does like to have a job and is physical. Bailey is always finding a stick to chew on although she has TONS of other more appropriate squeaky, chewable items. She is still being potty trained. She is fed in the crate and is able to hang out for a little bit without a fuss. This week (9/1) her floppy ears decided they will stand straight up. Bailey will need someone who will work with her and provide good guidance.