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Bam is a tiny (35 lbs), quiet, sweet Boxer girl. She excels at dancing, lizard hunting, and sunbathing. She likes everyone she has met. She hasn’t been tested extensively with cats or other dogs. She might do ok with cats who have dog experience, and dogs her size.

Bam is not a morning person. She gets up whenever I do, but doesn’t care about eating for several hours. That means her meals are only 4-6 hours apart. She likes to nap in her crate, with or without the door closed.

She plays well by herself and takes herself out and back in through the dog door. She seems to like it that the light comes on when she goes out on the patio after dark. I’ve heard her out there carousing with her stuffies during the day and the evening.

For play, she wants to run and chase, but I am not able to do that.  She has been out in public, and loves everyone she has met.

She likes her tiny training treats and Minties for her breath.