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Adoption Fee:Tail:Sponsor:Adele Curtin

This Belle of the Ball is as smart as she is BEAUTIFUL!

Belle is sweet, playful and inquisitive, and she loves to give affection as much as she loves to get it! Belle is looking for a home that will always keep her safe and understands that calmness will help her learn all the things! And, she learns quickly!

Belle loves the senior dog in her foster home, so she would do well in a family that has a dog that is patient with puppy energy. She likes to play with her toys, run back and forth in the yard, and drink water at the same time, from the same bowl, as her senior friend.

Her only flaw is that she will weaponize that floppy ear, so if you cannot handle extreme, overwhelming, cuteness being used to her advantage without turning into mush, look away fast!!

In a nutshell, this girl is PRECIOUS!