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What a sweet guy! We call him Bentley, the Honey Bear. Bentley is a delightfully sweet, happy, good-natured boy. He always has a smile on his face and a wiggle in his tail. Things Bentley loves include: giving kisses, smiling, getting attention, being pet, giving kisses, following you around, sniffing on walks, napping after walks, and giving kisses. He also would love to sleep on a couch. Bentley is great with his foster sister, who is a little hesitant around other dogs. He is just a friendly, good boy. Bentley is most excited when he is giving love, but is otherwise not super high energy. He likes to chase a ball in the yard (and not bring it back, of course . . . he is a boxer, after all.), and he also likes to play with big, soft toys. Bentley is working on curbing his enthusiasm when it comes to his manic kissing style. He can work himself into an uncontrolled frenzy of kisses very quickly, so he’s learning to give and receive love more calmly.

He’s not very food motivated, but he loves love, so as long as he understands what you want, he wants to please you. He has not had any accidents in his foster home, and he has not been crated. We do keep him in an enclosed area when alone (primarily because we are keeping our dog separate from him when not supervised), but he will probably be fine with free reign of the house. He has only been left alone for a few hours at a time.

Bentley is very interested in cats that he sees on his walks, so I would not suggest he live with one. He is friendly with kids (and everyone), but until he learns to relax and control himself better when giving love, I would suggest him only for a home with teenagers or older since his attacks of love may be overwhelming, frightening, and even painful for anyone who is smaller in stature. Bentley would probably be happy as an only dog or, since he is an attention hog, with a friendly doggy sibling who doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight. Most of all, he would love to live with people who will lavish him with attention and love. He deserves it, and he will return tenfold all the love he is given!

Bentley has some minor neurological symptoms that do not currently affect his quality of life, but may progress. If you are interested in Bentley please submit an application and we can provide more information.