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Beso is as sweet as kisses, hence her name… “Kiss.” She’s a very calm girl who loves her humans. Her favorite activities include napping, following her humans around, laying next to you while you work from home, and sunbathing by a warm window or out in the garden. She also loves cuddling and will gladly accept an invitation onto your lap.

Whether you’re out on a scenic walking trail or the rush of busy streets, Beso is amazing on a leash and will let you lead the way. She’s good at ignoring distractions such as other barking dogs with a little redirection. She understands “stay there” when we tell her to stay outside of the kitchen, and is working on other commands. Beso enjoys playing with her toys on her own and the occasional zoomies. She has met other dogs at our home and the shelter and she has done well.

Beso doesn’t care for her crate while being left home alone, but does go in there on her own for naps and for bedtime. She’s not sure how she feels about car rides yet, but she’s working on it. Beso would do best with a family that is home often and wants to shower her with affection… did I mention she loves her humans?! She is waiting patiently for her forever home, and is looking forward to meeting you!